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Caring for the health of 65 million people is an enormous challenge. That's why we need graduates of the highest calibre to become our future leaders. Interested? Read on, try the tests and, if you still think you've got what it takes, apply for our NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme.


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The NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme is now closed. We expect to open again in October 2015 please visit us on Facebook for further details.

About the scheme

You can choose one of four career options in the Scheme, and each leads to a post graduate academic/professional qualification:

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Our History

We've come a long way since 1948. Read about some of our historic milestones as we've looked after Britain for over 60 years and we are still going strong.

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Trainees Blog

Want to know what it's really like on our Scheme and the nature of the work you would do? Every week we post four new blogs and you can follow our trainees on their journey through the NHS so you can find out more about our work helping you decide if our Scheme is right for you.

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News & Events

Here you'll find what's going on and any upcoming events you might be interested in.

An update on our 2015 intake

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Information for Career Advisors

If you're looking for more details about our Graduate Management Training Scheme, or would like to invite us to your campus, please get in touch.

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Constitution NHS Constitution

The NHS belongs to all of us so we have a constitution that sets out our principles and values. These include the rights of patients, the public and staff as well as the pledges and responsibilities we're committed to.

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Our People

Have a look at some of the people who are currently on our Graduate Management Training Scheme, and some who have passed through, to see what's in store if you join us.

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