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Madeleine Iredale
Posted by Madeleine Iredale, 07 Feb 2018 2017 intake
Along with the rest of the 2017 cohort of trainees I have recently submitted my assignments for Module 1 of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (EGA) Program. If you don’t know, this is a healthcare leadership program that is undertaken by all trainees in their first year and continued by those on the General Management stream in their second year. This video is really informative and will do a much better job of describing EGA than me!https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=Z-4PyGn3nl...
Aditya Aggarwal
Posted by Aditya Aggarwal, 07 Feb 2018 2017 intake
Time has flown! For this blog post, I thought I would touch on interviews and a bit more regarding the scheme. Interviews are a daunting yet important process however interviews are a two way process. The organisation is trying to find out if the candidate is the right fit for the NHS, and the candidate should also be looking to understand if the organisation is right for them. One way to know if the NHS Graduate Management Scheme is right for you is to ask yourself, why you want to work in t...
Nicole Child
Posted by Nicole Child, 07 Feb 2018 2017 intake
The NHS itself is forever changing, and as the ‘future of the NHS’ we have to change with it whether we feel we are ready or not. Healthcare is heading towards the use of technology and key developments in Clinical Decision Systems, Electronic Health Records, Patient Portals and Wearable health trackers are but a few of the advances the NHS is currently considering and some trusts are even delivering. Modern society is forever changing and developing, and the NHS must follow if it wants to ke...
Faye Simpson
Posted by Faye Simpson, 07 Feb 2018 2016 intake
I recently attended an Experiential Learning event in London. This was number four of five experiential learning modules over the course of the scheme. Each module takes the form of a variety of activities over one, two or three days, and trainees are usually spread across a few central locations around the country (such as London, Leeds and Birmingham) depending roughly on where you are based. The sessions deal with a number of aspects that it is important to consider when working in healthc...
Callum Bennett
Posted by Callum Bennett, 29 Jan 2018 2017 intake
Hi everyone, I wanted to start this post by wishing those of you that are currently having, or have just had, interviews the best of luck, even if you don’t get what you want it’s still fantastic experience for you all. Anyway, aside from that I was thinking about what to write in this post. I’d been thinking about it for a little while to be honest, and came up with nothing. As luck would have it though I recently helped out at an interview, and found myself in a room with a Finance trainee,...