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Zoe Bradley
Posted by Zoe Bradley, 19 Jun 2018 2017 intake
Somehow, in the background of all the working, travelling, scheme events and more travelling that has happened, June has appeared. For the 2017 intake, that means that over the last few months the general train of thought has moved towards flexi-placement planning and securing final placements, which has been exciting in itself. It’s also made me stop and reflect on the past nine (!) months and how it has been. For me, as a new graduate, the most terrifying thing has been that the claims of...
Ben Williams
Posted by Ben Williams, 19 Jun 2018 2017 intake
Whenever I start a new job or a new project, and even though it’s totally expected, I always feel overwhelmed by how little I know compared to the other members of the team. Experience of previously working in the NHS helped me out a little when I started my placement, but I still knew almost nothing about how Clinical Commissioning Groups work or about the different services and pathways that are available locally in Doncaster. It’s amazing how much role specific knowledge you start to pick...
Jess Anderson
Posted by Jess Anderson, 19 Jun 2018 2017 intake
Firstly, I want to make it clear from the outset that there is no model for a 'good' trainee. We are all different and this should be celebrated, which is what the scheme does. But I thought it would be useful as I come to the end of my first year on the scheme to reflect about the qualities I've observed in myself and others that help you make the most of the scheme.  ​Being open - there are so many opportunities on the scheme from shadowing an ambulance crew to observing an exec team in...
Faye Simpson
Posted by Faye Simpson, 19 Jun 2018 2016 intake
I am now in the 8th (!) month of my current placement, which is my third placement of three on the grad scheme. Having just handed in my big final coursework for the CIPD – a dissertation-style report which finished at a casual 72 pages – I have paused to look back on my progress so far at this placement. If I’m honest, it’s been a different kind of placement to the one I presumed I would have. In HR, one placement is operational-based and one is more strategic, to give a more rounded experi...
Rachel Coldbeck
Posted by Rachel Coldbeck, 18 Jun 2018 2017 intake
It’s been a busy few weeks since I have last blogged. I’ve moved house, restarted my MSc unit, presented for my flexi placement, interviewed and shortlisted for jobs. I thought in this blog I’d discuss some important things that have happened and I’ve learnt over the last few weeks! Interview Paperwork I’ve had lots of interview preparation over the last few weeks, and I have worked closely with the psychology team to formulate some questions for our post. It was a very challenging and int...