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Genevieve Ryan
Posted by Genevieve Ryan, 24 Jan 2017 Genevieve Ryan intake
Any growth seems to take a while to notice. Like the child or teen going through their growth spurt, it takes bumping into someone you haven’t seen for a while to exclaim how much you’ve grown for you to even notice it. That small change, every day, is similar to the leadership change and personal growth that occurs during the graduate programme. I definitely didn’t notice it at first, but now I’m starting to react to situations differently, and realise that a year ago my behaviour would have...
Harriet Nowak Ramos
Posted by Harriet Nowak Ramos, 24 Jan 2017 2016 intake
This time last year I was in the same stage a lot of you are facing now. Juggling a busy final year university degree with multiple deadlines, dissertation hand in and preparing for a nerve wrecking important job interview. The more blogs I read, the bigger insight I gained on what life might be like as an NHS Management trainee and what this next hurdle would involve. I really enjoyed the interview stage, all the interviewers have volunteered to be there because they support the scheme and...
Roisin Ryan
Posted by Roisin Ryan, 24 Jan 2017 2016 intake
It’s been a while since my last blog post, but now I’ve had a chance to really settle in to my team, I’ve realised how much I have to write about! I’ve had a bit of a different experience compared to my fellow HR trainees. While many of them have been helping with disciplinaries and grievance cases, or working on more strategic organisational development projects, I’ve joined the recruitment team. I’m in a community trust, and recruitment is always a huge task as we serve a population of one...
Sean Charlton
Posted by Sean Charlton, 24 Jan 2017 2016 intake
What does an accountant actually do? This is a question that I asked myself before deciding to get into finance. I knew a few relevant words such as budget, depreciation, tax, interest and the like, but that’s where it ended. I didn’t know what an accountant actually does day to day. Most people I asked associated bad things with the word. I did a Google search for “most boring career” and accounting came up number 3 according to Forbes. My first piece of advice to you is not to let Forbes an...
Fiona Woodhall
Posted by Fiona Woodhall, 18 Jan 2017 2016 intake
One of the main questions I had when I was applying to the scheme was “What is your normal working day like?” Since starting on the scheme I still ask myself what a normal day for me is, and as everyone is on different streams and in different trusts, if I had a normal day it would be completely different to another graduate’s. However, I thought this month I’d tell you about 10 things I did last month, in 100 words or less for each, in an effort to answer that question. Hopefully, it will h...