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Alexandra Starks
Posted by Alexandra Starks, 17 Nov 2017 2017 intake
Two years ago, I was living in Texas, a recent university graduate interning at a refugee services organisation. Today, I’m typing this from a London hospital trust, where I’ve recently completed my GMTS orientation. For the next ten months, I will be serving as a data analyst on the trust’s business intelligence team, a team which works across both acute and community sites in the South London area. The period in between Texas and today has been an absolute blur. There was a year in Edinbur...
Nicole Child
Posted by Nicole Child, 10 Nov 2017 2017 intake
The title of this blog is a question I think you should be asking yourselves whether you want to apply for health informatics or not.  Are we making the best use of information and technology in the NHS today? And if not, when are we going to start making a change? For those of you that don’t know, Health informatics is the way in which we can use intelligent information and technology to improve patient care. It is one of the fastest growing areas in health and one of the most interesting (...
Emma Gaskell
Posted by Emma Gaskell, 10 Nov 2017 2016 intake
Incredibly, I have reached the end of my two-month flexi placement already (time really does fly when you’re enjoying yourself!). I chose to spend my eight weeks at Healthwatch Suffolk (HWS). Healthwatch, established in 2013 under the Health and Social Care Act 2012, seeks to collect and understand service users’ views and experiences of local healthcare, including all NHS services, GP practices, community health services and care homes. HWS operates as an independent consumer champion workin...
Madeleine Iredale
Posted by Madeleine Iredale, 09 Nov 2017 2017 intake
Hello, I’m Maddie, a General Management trainee from the 2017 intake and a recent graduate from The University of Liverpool where I studied Anatomy and Human Biology. This is my first attempt at blogging so please bear with me! Despite my inexperience in this area, I thought blogging would be a great way to honestly document my experiences and give an insight into my time on the scheme. I applied to GMTS in the October of my final year at Uni and I remember it felt like graduation was still...
Laura Schubert
Posted by Laura Schubert, 09 Nov 2017 2017 intake
Hello. For my first blog post I want to tell you about my NHS application process which began exactly a year ago. I started the NHS Graduate Scheme in September this year, and I am settling into the routine of working life and into my first placement, but I’ll keep those stories for future posts. So, a year ago I was in my last year of university, studying BiologicalAnthropology at the University of Cambridge. I knew I wanted to start working soon after I graduated, so I put a lot of effort...