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Zoe Bradley
Posted by Zoe Bradley, 14 Aug 2018 2017 intake
I’m writing this having just come back from a ‘meet the team’ morning for my final 10 month placement, and I am beyond excited.  You may have heard it said that health informatics is a massively varied field and, well, that is true! As I have mentioned before, my role this year has been largely focussed on ‘information development’, which within my Trust has meant overseeing the setup of a pilot of new, quick sign-on processes for staff on the MIUs, developing a Benefits Realisation reporting...
Rachel Coldbeck
Posted by Rachel Coldbeck, 14 Aug 2018 2017 intake
It is coming to the end of the first year and my first placement move is approaching….how scary is that?! I feel like I have achieved a lot over the last year and it has been a really challenging year for me. Things I wished I’d appreciated last September: It’s OK to make mistakes. We are on a training scheme and not everything we do will be perfect. As long as we can admit and learn from them, these provide as good a learning opportunity as big successes. It’s really hard work! I maybe hadn...
Jess Anderson
Posted by Jess Anderson, 08 Aug 2018 2017 intake
I recently helped out at the Yorkshire and Humber Welcome Event for the new 2018 trainees as well as their placement and programme managers. It was great to see the enthusiasm and excitement in the room, not just from the trainees but their managers as well. I could use this blog to focus on the enthusiasm of the trainees and how important this is for the scheme, and it definitely is! But instead I’ve decided to focus on the placement and programme managers and the pivotal role they play in h...
Alexandra Starks
Posted by Alexandra Starks, 08 Aug 2018 2017 intake
I’m in the last stretch of my first placement. Being in the final month of this year long journey has been making me reflect on how far I’ve come since that September orientation. Today, exactly four weeks from when I will leave my trust and my team, I led a department-wide meeting for the first time. I was nervous, panicky even, going into the room. I had thorough notes to work from, but still felt out of place at the head of the massive table, in front of twenty people much older and more e...
Amy Richards
Posted by Amy Richards, 08 Aug 2018 2017 intake
So, it’s coming towards the end of my first placement. The way the General Management scheme is structured means your first placement is 11 months long. Initially this sounds like a long time, but in reality, it really isn’t! It takes a good few months to get your head round things; a new organisation, new people, a new role and all of the extra stuff that comes along with being a part of the grad scheme such as the educational side of things and the experiential learning sessions. I have lea...