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Faye Simpson
Posted by Faye Simpson, 19 Apr 2017 2016 intake
I am in the process of updating my CV with details of the graduate scheme and adding my new qualifications, ready to approach organisations outside of the NHS to discuss opportunities for my flexi-placement later in the year - a fantastic opportunity as part of the scheme to work somewhere different for two months and gain experience in another organisation/sector/department to bring back to the NHS. While working on my CV, I have been reflecting on my career journey since graduation and some...
Katie Stewart
Posted by Katie Stewart, 19 Apr 2017 Katie Stewart intake
Day one in your new role and you can guarantee they'll catch you for your ID badge photo - even worse, they won't and they'll approach you on day 4 when you're slightly more dishevelled trying to keep up in a world that feels completely alien still.  Your photo is set to dangle round your neck for weeks, months or even years to come, a timid newcomer to the organisation, slightly pixelated, poorly lit and definitely not fit for the cover of Vogue.   For weeks you'll be desperately hoping th...
Fiona Woodhall
Posted by Fiona Woodhall, 19 Apr 2017 2016 intake
This month I thought I would do an account of one of my days this week. As you will have gathered, everyone’s experience on the graduate scheme is different, even between trainees in the same stream, so I thought I’d give you an insight into my role. For some context, my first placement is as a Business Manager within the Oncology Service of an acute hospital trust. The area I manage is diagnostic in nature so we don’t have any patients on wards; instead we provide crucial diagnostics for tr...
Craig Bage
Posted by Craig Bage, 27 Mar 2017 2016 intake
An odd title but rather quite relevant to the start of my Informatics journey, I found myself in a meeting when I was asked how boring my job must be and looking at graphs and numbers must send us to sleep! Anyone who is currently on the Informatics stream may feel the opposite of this, like myself… the interesting part is the detail behind the numbers and the data trends! Questions and discussions occur based on figures, often a clinician may be oblivious to their daily activity. So the abi...
Emma Sterling
Posted by Emma Sterling, 27 Mar 2017 2017 intake
It’s hard to believe I’m entering my last two weeks of my first placement already. As Policy trainees, we have the shortest first placement of 6 months. Although short, I’d say this placement has been as valuable as any other. I will be having my performance review with my line manager next week and in preparation for that, I’ve been having a good think about the things I will take away from this placement. For one, I’m starting to realise just how vast the NHS is. At the beginning of the pl...