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Carl Mackie
Posted by Carl Mackie, 12 Aug 2016 Carl Mackie intake
So this is it. My last ever blog post as an NHS Graduate Management Scheme Trainee. I’m not too sure what to say really. I suppose I’ll start with an apology – my blogging output has really dropped off for the past couple of months: oops! Let’s just say it has been busy and hectic and otherwise hard to explain. Work has been amazing (as well as tiring, stressful and difficult). The project I’m involved in here has been pressing on at a relentless pace, and knowing that I’ll be leaving in Sep...
Hailey Pottinger
Posted by Hailey Pottinger, 12 Aug 2016 2015 intake
I’m now in the final three weeks of my placement and it is really starting to dawn on me that I’m going to be leaving and starting somewhere new! I’m sad to leave some really great colleagues behind, and slightly scared about starting in a brand new organisation, but I am also excited to start a new placement with 11 months more knowledge to my advantage! I thought I’d use this blog to reflect on one of my biggest achievements during my time in my current placement. Those of you who follow m...
Lily Tinsley
Posted by Lily Tinsley, 10 Aug 2016 2014 intake
It is finally that time where Finance 2014 are on their flexis. It feels like an age since our GM/HI/HR colleagues went on theirs. I'll be honest and say I was never that eager about going on flexi (seemingly in contrast to 95% of other trainees), largely because I wasn't too sure where to go. Fellow accountants had encouraged me to speak to the likes of the County Council and other NHS bodies. I had considered the TDA or Monitor (now NHS Improvement) but nothing was really grabbing me....
Sophie Minshall
Posted by Sophie Minshall, 01 Aug 2016 2016 intake
The official start date for the scheme is the 1st of September. However there are so many opportunities to seek advice and meet important characters in your organisation beforehand. The level of ground work you do before starting is up to you. But I have found that every effort I have made in advance, makes the start date a little less daunting.  A theme that already keeps cropping up is that being proactive is essential. I have been warned that this will become even more apparent when I sta...
Fiona Woodhall
Posted by Fiona Woodhall, 29 Jul 2016 2016 intake
Hello, my name is Fiona and I’m a Chemistry graduate from the University of St Andrews. My previous experience in the NHS or even in medicine is pretty much non-existent, in fact the closest I got was working for a pharmaceutical company during my year in industry. So why did I apply to the NHS Graduate scheme? Throughout the application process you’ll get asked this a lot; by interviewers, by friends, by referees and occasionally even by yourself! I’ll be honest. I first applied because in...