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Emma Sterling
Posted by Emma Sterling, 12 Oct 2016 2016 intake
My 20 days orientation went by so quickly. I can’ believe it’s over and October is here already! It wasn’t exactly as I expected but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Before I got my orientation plan, I thought that the orientation would be day after day of travelling all over London doing everything and anything to do with health andthe NHS. Instead, the orientation was nicely tailored to the Policy and Strategy stream and from what I’ve heard, quite different to the orientations undertak...
Emma Sterling
Posted by Emma Sterling, 12 Oct 2016 2016 intake
It’s not long to go before I start the NHS GMTS on the first ever Policy and Strategy stream and I’m a 50/50 split between a bag of nerves and a ball of excitement. This time last year, anxiously awaiting my degree results I had no idea I’d be in this position. Throughout school I loved learning about the human body and the different factors that can have an impact on its health so I went on to study Medical Genetics at the University of Leicester. During my degree I became familiar with som...
Rachel Hassey
Posted by Rachel Hassey, 05 Oct 2016 2016 intake
After a manic morning on my induction at Salford Royal, I decided to treat myself to a quick lunch break outside in the benched garden at the hospital. It was a glorious sunny day and I sat down to eat my sandwich. It was a couple of minutes before I was approached by an elderly couple. The gentleman was being pushed in a wheelchair by his wife. They sat down and we chatted about the weather and the wicked nature of the wasps buzzing around our heads. It was then the man said to his wife how...
Taylor Pryer-Freeman
Posted by Taylor Pryer-Freeman, 05 Oct 2016 2016 intake
The last blog I posted was a little while ago now, and I discussed how I was preparing myself for my new role. Well, the time has completely flown by and I am now coming to the end of my orientation. This blog was going to cover orientation plans, details of the welcome event and my first impressions of my new job but having sat here writing, I realised I have so much to say about the Welcome Event, you’ll have to stay tuned for my next blog to find out about the rest! The Welcome Event - or...
Lily Tinsley
Posted by Lily Tinsley, 05 Oct 2016 2014 intake
Since writing my last blog, I have moved again. Prior to flexi, I made the decision to gain insight into an area in which I feel very blind – commissioning. So far I have spent time in two acute providers (hospitals) and, of course, at Tesco HQ. I could tell you plenty about what a CCG does, and how my previous placements have interacted with them to a degree, but a lot of that you could find via a search engine too..! For some reason, on the grad scheme, hospitals seem to be the place we al...