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Genevieve Ryan
Posted by Genevieve Ryan, 20 Feb 2017 Genevieve Ryan intake
I thought that I would give you a bit of a flavour for the kind of engagement work you might get up to in a commissioning role in a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). In my final placement I am working within the CCG as a Planned Care Commissioning Manager. This involves working closely with GPs, in order to plan healthcare services in the local area. In my role I have a number of projects that are being redesigned in some way. This might involve things like looking at moving more routine wo...
Fiona Woodhall
Posted by Fiona Woodhall, 20 Feb 2017 2016 intake
In December, I mentioned to a colleague that we had spent an entire afternoon on our first residential learning how to be more reflective. Their reply was “As in you wear more reflective clothing?” - this was unfortunately not covered in the session. Instead, the aim was to develop a technique that enabled us to look back at our experiences and learn from them. Reflection is a large part of the scheme. Our day-to-day experiences are all different but we each have an abundance of opportunities...
Katie Stewart
Posted by Katie Stewart, 20 Feb 2017 Katie Stewart intake
Last year I blogged about the interview process so thought this year I should cover the next stage – the assessment centre.  I remember getting the email inviting me to Assessment Centre; I was convinced I had ruined my chance – who jokes about water in their interview?  I was so excited to be invited to the next stage and couldn’t wait to get home and book my slot. If you get an email inviting you to Assessment Centre, book your slot as soon as you possibly can.  Although it might feel too p...
Rachel Argent
Posted by Rachel Argent, 20 Feb 2017 2015 intake
A key reason I applied to the NHS graduate management training scheme was the opportunity to undertake three varying placements throughout the two years.  Being a general management trainee you typically undertake an operational placement, a strategic placement and a flexi placement. When making the choices for my flexi and strategic placement organisations, I knew I wanted to gain NHS management experience from multiple perspectives; understanding the challenges and delivery requirements fac...
Leanne Ashmead
Posted by Leanne Ashmead, 07 Feb 2017 2016 intake
Before starting my first placement, I anticipated spending quite a lot of my time in meetings.  To be honest, I was quite excited about attending meetings and learning as much as I could about my placement Trust and the NHS more generally.  As I got stuck into my various projects, meeting invites were flooding into my email inbox and I didn’t think twice about clicking “accept”.  Many of the meetings I attended were really useful and left me feeling empowered and motivated to get to work on...