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Fiona Woodhall
Posted by Fiona Woodhall, 21 Sep 2017 2016 intake
It’s been a year since I started on the scheme and I’ve come a long way since those first days. For those just starting on the scheme these first few months are a steep learning curve – not only about the NHS and your placement but also what all the different parts of the scheme are about. I thought I’d try to bring you all up to speed on the endless 3-letter acronyms that describe the scheme’s educational side – and offer a few tips to make the most of it. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Programm...
Faye Simpson
Posted by Faye Simpson, 15 Sep 2017 2016 intake
So I have just submitted my final coursework for Module 3 of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (EGA) programme. For non-general management trainees, this means the end of EGA, as we complete the programme for a year resulting in a Postgraduate Certificate, while our general management pals continue on for three more modules next year, taking this forward to a Postgraduate Diploma. For the HR stream, this also means a short summer break from education, as the first year of CIPD has finished too....
Katie Stewart
Posted by Katie Stewart, 14 Aug 2017 Katie Stewart intake
So, the time is here and my Grad Scheme journey is drawing to a close.  It’s been a blast – probably an understatement!  My group kept our last ALS set until the end of July and used it as a chance, amongst other things, to discuss the biggest challenges and biggest successes from our Grad Scheme journeys.  What’s said in ALS stays in ALS (!) so I can’t share these journeys with you but there was a nice mix of familiar stories, reflecting back on things from ‘the early days’ and more recent e...
Ben Fitzgerald
Posted by Ben Fitzgerald, 03 Aug 2017 2015 intake
“If the arc of history bends toward justice, the arc of medicine bends toward transparency” – Rob Wachter Attempting to engage the public more in Service Design is often thought of as a ‘Nice to Have’, not necessary. But it’s more than that; it’s fundamental for the future of the NHS. Let’s take a step back. Right now, horizons are narrow. STPs, Vanguards, New Care Models, Exemplars – the subtle dismantling of the Lansley Reforms and the rise of new collaborative structures; it’s easy to on...
Bethany Carty
Posted by Bethany Carty, 03 Aug 2017 2016 intake
I’ve been struggling to think of a topic for a blog post for a little while now, but last night, inspiration struck as I sat crossed-legged on my living room floor, in my pyjamas, eating take away noodles from a shop called ‘Wok’s Next?’ Whilst I don’t quite understand the marketing strategy behind a noodle shop named ‘Wok’s Next?’ it did get me thinking about ‘What’s next?’ for me on the NHS Graduate Scheme. I’m (rather scarily!!) in my final few weeks of my first placement of Wirral Commu...