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Mohammed Adeel Arif
Posted by Mohammed Adeel Arif, 13 Jul 2016 2015 intake
It is hard to believe a year has nearly passed since we started on the graduate scheme. It sunk in when I attended the regional introduction event for the newly accepted trainees. As a finance trainee I have finished my first placement in May and have moved onto my second placement. This transition has been easy for me as I decided to stay in Oxford and move from Oxford Health (mental health/ community trust) to Oxford University Hospitals (acute trust). Not having to pack and move definitely...
Genevieve Ryan
Posted by Genevieve Ryan, 13 Jul 2016 Genevieve Ryan intake
One large challenge in the NHS as a manager is being torn between two main demands, those of the patients and those of the commissioners, for example the clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). Whilst the NHS would like to move towards, or sometimes pretend to be, a patient-centred organisation that is reactive to its service users’ needs, putting the patient experience first, the reality of the situation is sadly far more complex. In a private business, the clients can effectively vote with t...
Leanne Ashmead
Posted by Leanne Ashmead, 12 Jul 2016 2016 intake
My name is Leanne Ashmead and it is a huge privilege to be writing my first ever blog post as a new General Management trainee for the 2016 intake!  I can’t wait to get started in September and use this blog to share my experiences on the scheme, but in the meantime I will begin by telling you a little bit about how I came to apply for a place on the scheme, and share some of my reflections on that journey.   When I was 18 all I really knew was that I wanted a career in which I could “help...
Hailey Pottinger
Posted by Hailey Pottinger, 12 Jul 2016 2015 intake
Recently a fellow trainee and I were reflecting on the amount we’ve learnt since joining the scheme. Out of interest I asked ‘which do feel you’ve learnt more of: technical skills or personal and management skills?’ Her reply was that she had learnt more technical skills, whereas I personally feel that my real learning has been more to do with me as a person. Everyone is different, joins the scheme with varying levels of experience, and no two placements are the same. Regardless, that is what...
Hailey Pottinger
Posted by Hailey Pottinger, 06 Jul 2016 2015 intake
Last week on the scheme, I’ve learnt a lot about NHS Finance. Whilst I do come across discussions around finance in my day to day role, I’ve not sat down and had someone really explain how finance in the NHS works. Last week I was lucky enough to have two opportunities to do this. The first was an ‘Appreciation of NHS Finance’ day from the NHS Finance Skills Development Network day, which is open to any member of NHS staff. The second was another day on finance arranged by the leadership acad...