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Nicole Child
Posted by Nicole Child, 25 Apr 2018 2017 intake
Now I know this is a bizarre title to a blog, but I was recently reflecting a meeting I’d had with our CEO about careers and mentorship and it made me think about how I got here (Brew = Northern slang for Tea?). During the scheme you are expected to meet your competencies, do the relevant educational work and do your job, but as part of the scheme you are in an amazing position to experience and learn so much more that is out of this remit. Most grads call it “The Golden Ticket” – arguably no...
Faye Simpson
Posted by Faye Simpson, 25 Apr 2018 2016 intake
I am currently on a train travelling back from an action learning set (ALS) which I attended today along with 7 fellow regional trainees and our facilitator, at a mutually convenient venue in London. It’s been quite an exhausting session, as today I brought along an issue to share with the group. Spending some time grappling with my challenge with the support of colleagues and engaging in some other leadership activities too has left me feeling a strange combination of tired, reflective and e...
Wendy MacMillan
Posted by Wendy MacMillan, 23 Apr 2018 2017 intake
The NHS graduate scheme sets you up for a challenging, non-stop day job but also provides the tools and opportunities to develop yourself as a sustainable and transformational leader ready to drive change across the system. Recently, I used my ‘golden ticket’ of opportunities to attend an Inclusion Summit for Forward Thinking Leadership. Their main aim is to ‘develop inclusive leaders today to deliver an NHS and communities for tomorrow’. It is so important to realise that we need to force...
Eleanor Wallace
Posted by Eleanor Wallace, 23 Apr 2018 2017 intake
Hello from an (unusually) sunny Cornwall!So this is my first blog since joining the scheme around 6 months ago (it feels like last week, honestly) and I wanted to start off on a topic that’s been on my mind a lot recently; failure.For the last few months I have been acting in the role of an operational manager in a large acute trust. It’s been a whirlwind of new faces, new systems, new everything! However, there have also been things that I’ve struggled to get to grips with. For example, at t...
Chloe Norton
Posted by Chloe Norton, 19 Apr 2018 2017 intake
If you’re like me, ‘Informatics’ is a word that you had never come across before, until you found yourself on the NHS Graduates website. So, when I read about the Informatics specialism, I instantly knew it was what I wanted to do, even though I had a no idea what ‘it’ was! In reality, the expectations I had for the role vary greatly to what I do in my everyday job! So, I thought it would be helpful if I went through my projects for the hospital I currently work at, so you can gain an underst...