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Alexandra Close
Posted by Alexandra Close, 05 Oct 2018 2018 intake
Being my first post, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Alex I studied Biology with Science and Society at the University of Manchester and (like a lot of you contemplating applying for the scheme) this is my first full time job.   In my final year of university, I was pretty unsure of what I wanted to do. All of my previous work experience was with animals, but after working at Paignton Zoo for my placement year I realised the zoo life was not for me. I wanted a complete change in direction....
Amy Richards
Posted by Amy Richards, 05 Oct 2018 2017 intake
I have recently become a buddy for a new trainee in the 2018 cohort. This is a very strange feeling as at first I thought how could I become a buddy when I have only been on the scheme for a year!? I didn't think I was ready to become an informal mentor. The topic came up in my last Action Learning Set (an ALS is where a group of trainees get together to reflect on experiences and question each other on any difficulties they may be having) earlier this year, where one of my colleagues bought...
Zoe Bradley
Posted by Zoe Bradley, 05 Oct 2018 2017 intake
As I’m sure you’ll have gathered from the blogs of my fellow graduates, many of the 2017 intake are now at our flexi-placement organisations and adjusting to life in a new office or environment with new demands and new people. I’ve been thinking back to this time last year: reflecting on how I felt then compared to now has made me realise just how much I’ve learnt and developed over the past 12 months, and I’d like to share this as a friendly wave from one year into the scheme… There’s a lot...
Wendy MacMillan
Posted by Wendy MacMillan, 05 Oct 2018 2017 intake
It’s my first week since I swapped my blue NHS lanyard for the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) logo. I’ve just joined the Cyber Security and Innovation team here in London for two months and I thought you may want to read some of my initial reflections. What does cyber security have to do with being an NHS general manager?A lot actually. Aside from the fact our new secretary of state for health is super enthusiastic about healthcare technology, hopefully you’ll have heard and rea...
Holly Crabtree-Skelton
Posted by Holly Crabtree-Skelton, 05 Oct 2018 2017 intake
I am currently 3 weeks into my flexi-placement and really enjoying getting a feel for the differences (but also the similarities) a placement outside of the NHS has to offer. I am working with Greater Manchester Combined Authority within the information sharing team, who do some really important work on school readiness, homelessness and troubled families to name a few. The information sharing team is key to this as they aim to support the Greater Manchester Public Service reform agenda in fa...