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Amelia Boyd
Posted by Amelia Boyd, 21 Sep 2016 Amelia Boyd intake
So it’s been over a year since starting the scheme. It has been the most rewarding, yet hardest experience of my life. I have met amazing people, had opportunities very few experience and grown so much as an individual. As a ‘review’ blog I’ve decided to use a picture format. These snaps shots are just that: a few moments caught on film over the past year. All of these are very happy snaps but like real life there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes. I know that the next yea...
Rachel Argent
Posted by Rachel Argent, 20 Sep 2016 2015 intake
“It’s time for mental health to come out of the shadows” Having been an Assistant Psychologist for a couple of years prior to the graduate scheme I have always had an interest in mental health. After my year long stint within gastroenterology I am currently revisiting my passion for mental health at the Department of Health (see previous blog) and am once again perplexed at the existing disparity between mental and physical health. I had the opportunity last week to attend the Westminster...
Genevieve Ryan
Posted by Genevieve Ryan, 20 Sep 2016 Genevieve Ryan intake
General management can be just that - general. It's hard to describe what your job role is when it seems to change every week, and no general manager seems to have a fixed job description! The way I've been able to best describe it is being involved in three things: 1) when things go wrong 2) when things need to change 3) when targets are involved.As it's hard to describe what your typical day is when there is no typical day, I thought I'd describe the types of day I've encountered over my ye...
Roisin Ryan
Posted by Roisin Ryan, 20 Sep 2016 2016 intake
I’m just off the train back from Leeds after the 2016 intake’s two-day welcome event – and the experience has inspired me to write my second blog post! Firstly, how on earth is it already September? It seems like about three weeks since I received the call that I had a place on the scheme; in reality since then I’ve completed my dissertation, graduated, moved from Edinburgh to Derbyshire, had a holiday to Barcelona, turned 22, and a lot more besides…yet somehow the welcome event has really s...
Rachel Argent
Posted by Rachel Argent, 01 Sep 2016 2015 intake
This week I started my flexi placement at the Department of Health (DH) within the Mental Health Policy team. Although I have not been here long, the scheme encourages you to reflect on your experiences and be open and honest about your internal feelings towards these. Consequently I have found this reflection process more ingrained than ever, reflecting on the cultural differences between the DH and my previous placement within an Acute Hospital and how I feel I am adjusting to this. I thoug...