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Ben Williams
Posted by Ben Williams, 10 Dec 2018 2017 intake
The inner workings of the NHS are a mystery to large portions of the general public. Surely the NHS is a massive centrally run organisation which owns and manages all of the hospitals, community centres and GP practices? Well, that’s sort of what NHS England do, but the practical reality is that each hospital trust, dentist and GP practice is its own separate entity. Generally, each of these organisations gets to decide how to deliver the subset of healthcare they provide as long as they addr...
Chloe Norton
Posted by Chloe Norton, 26 Nov 2018 2017 intake
Hello everyone! I am writing from my third placement, Moorfields Eye Hospital. I thought for this blog I would talk about something that has been one of my main stressors during the graduate scheme: Ability. Since I found out I had been offered a place on the graduate scheme, an annoying part of me has been leading me to doubt my ability. I constantly doubt whether I’m good enough for the scheme, my role, my university course, and for future jobs! I worry that I don’t know enough, have enough...
Moses Adegoroye
Posted by Moses Adegoroye, 26 Nov 2018 2018 intake
For those who are thinking of applying to the scheme, my first tip is – push through any negative thoughts you have about whether you’re good enough and go for it!  I was in your position 12 months ago and I know exactly how easy it would have been to fall at that first hurdle, so put those limited beliefs aside. This time last year, I was working in the NHS, thinking about what I wanted to do with my career and after exploring many different graduate programmes, the NHS management graduate s...
Jess Anderson
Posted by Jess Anderson, 26 Nov 2018 2017 intake
These were the words that  the Director of Finance at my current placement said when I met him to discuss my placement’s financial situation and his approach to it (they’re also lyrics from a Jessie J song). It was definitely not the response I was expecting from the Director of Finance, especially when the organisation I’m in is in financial difficulty. But when he explained it further,  that his priority is building strong relationships with the other organisations within and outside the NH...
Beth Melhuish
Posted by Beth Melhuish, 30 Oct 2018 2018 intake
My name is Beth, I am on the Health Informatics specialism of the graduate scheme, based in Colchester, Essex. I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Biochemistry & Genetics degree in 2016, then I went on to do an MSc in Human & Molecular Genetics. My plan was always to work in the NHS, but if you’d asked me two years ago I couldn’t have imagined not working in Genetics. Long story short, I decided life in a laboratory was not for me. I decided to apply for the NHS GMTS,...