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Rachel Coldbeck
Posted by Rachel Coldbeck, 19 Dec 2018 2017 intake
In this blog post I thought I might do an acronym quiz. Acronyms are really common in the NHS and often used without clarification. The crucial thing to remember is that acronyms can have multiple meanings dependent on where you work. Acronym quiz: BPD CQC RTT HEE E+D CQUIN IAPT PICU DTOC CCG Answers: I often see the acronym BPD in place of borderline personality disorder. Borderline personality disorder is a serious mental illness and is commonly referred to as a disorder of mood. I would...
Ben Williams
Posted by Ben Williams, 10 Dec 2018 2017 intake
The inner workings of the NHS are a mystery to large portions of the general public. Surely the NHS is a massive centrally run organisation which owns and manages all of the hospitals, community centres and GP practices? Well, that’s sort of what NHS England do, but the practical reality is that each hospital trust, dentist and GP practice is its own separate entity. Generally, each of these organisations gets to decide how to deliver the subset of healthcare they provide as long as they addr...
Meric Oztap
Posted by Meric Oztap, 10 Dec 2018 2018 intake
Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share my first EGA Residential experience in Leeds. The four-day residential, comprising of 10-hour days, team activities, patient experiences, and even actors, was truly incredible, and in all honesty physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. There were so many learnings to take away, including learning to reflect on ourselves, being able to give and receive effective feedback, and how to successfully complete scheme assignments. Those learnings were in...
Jordon Bailey
Posted by Jordon Bailey, 06 Dec 2018 2018 intake
Orientation is one of the highlights of my short career in the NHS so far and is another huge reason why you should apply for the scheme. The opportunities it presents are fantastic, and I wanted to use this blog post just to list a few of my experiences with the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) to give a flavour of the types of things you can expect from it:   I spent a day on an Ambulance shadowing Paramedics on Halloween. Their commitment to the cause was fantastic (and it also highlig...
Chloe Norton
Posted by Chloe Norton, 26 Nov 2018 2017 intake
Hello everyone! I am writing from my third placement, Moorfields Eye Hospital. I thought for this blog I would talk about something that has been one of my main stressors during the graduate scheme: Ability. Since I found out I had been offered a place on the graduate scheme, an annoying part of me has been leading me to doubt my ability. I constantly doubt whether I’m good enough for the scheme, my role, my university course, and for future jobs! I worry that I don’t know enough, have enough...