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Lily Tinsley
Posted by Lily Tinsley, 05 Oct 2016 2014 intake
Since writing my last blog, I have moved again. Prior to flexi, I made the decision to gain insight into an area in which I feel very blind – commissioning. So far I have spent time in two acute providers (hospitals) and, of course, at Tesco HQ. I could tell you plenty about what a CCG does, and how my previous placements have interacted with them to a degree, but a lot of that you could find via a search engine too..! For some reason, on the grad scheme, hospitals seem to be the place we all...
Lily Tinsley
Posted by Lily Tinsley, 10 Aug 2016 2014 intake
It is finally that time where Finance 2014 are on their flexis. It feels like an age since our GM/HI/HR colleagues went on theirs. I'll be honest and say I was never that eager about going on flexi (seemingly in contrast to 95% of other trainees), largely because I wasn't too sure where to go. Fellow accountants had encouraged me to speak to the likes of the County Council and other NHS bodies. I had considered the TDA or Monitor (now NHS Improvement) but nothing was really grabbing me.   A...
Mohammed Adeel Arif
Posted by Mohammed Adeel Arif, 13 Jul 2016 2015 intake
It is hard to believe a year has nearly passed since we started on the graduate scheme. It sunk in when I attended the regional introduction event for the newly accepted trainees. As a finance trainee I have finished my first placement in May and have moved onto my second placement. This transition has been easy for me as I decided to stay in Oxford and move from Oxford Health (mental health/ community trust) to Oxford University Hospitals (acute trust). Not having to pack and move definitely...
Holly Reid
Posted by Holly Reid, 22 Jun 2016 2014 intake
This blog is one of a few that will centre around my thoughts on leadership. The biggest resource in the NHS is its workforce. In any one episode of care, for example a short hospital stay, a huge number of people are involved either directly or indirectly. Your treatment over that small number of days is impacted by: Commissioners, Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Technologists, Porters, and many more. My question is: How well do we understand the huge variety of roles within our orga...
Holly Reid
Posted by Holly Reid, 18 Apr 2016 2014 intake
Hello all, It’s been quite a while since I last blogged, partly due to me forgetting, and partly due to how busy I’ve been! I’m currently in the middle of year end, and as I don’t have a set department within my Trust I’m helping out across all areas of Finance, which makes for an interesting time! It always strikes me at this time of year how important relationships are between different NHS bodies. The whole of the NHS have to undertake an ‘agreement of balance’ exercise where the amounts...