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Laura Schubert
Posted by Laura Schubert, 09 Nov 2017 2017 intake
Hello. For my first blog post I want to tell you about my NHS application process which began exactly a year ago. I started the NHS Graduate Scheme in September this year, and I am settling into the routine of working life and into my first placement, but I’ll keep those stories for future posts. So, a year ago I was in my last year of university, studying BiologicalAnthropology at the University of Cambridge. I knew I wanted to start working soon after I graduated, so I put a lot of effort i...
Amy Fell
Posted by Amy Fell, 18 Oct 2017 2016 intake
Hello, my name is Amy, and I am a second year (not quite used to saying that yet) Policy and Strategy Trainee based in Leeds. If you follow the snapchat you’ll have seen my face around a lot and will have seen a little of what I do. For my first blog I asked around and just could not decide what to write about as I’m no longer a fresh faced graduate! I decided to stray from the expectation of a ‘my first year on the scheme’ reflection blog as there will be a few of those coming, and instead m...
Emma Sterling
Posted by Emma Sterling, 20 Jun 2017 2017 intake
I’m already a third of the way through my second placement - I’d swear the days on the scheme are getting shorter! I’ve joined the Planning (soon to be Strategy & Planning) team at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, and it’s fab! My team are welcoming, accommodating and helpful (a theme on this scheme)!  It’s so different to my last placement at NHS England and at times it feels as though I’m starting the scheme from scratch. I like that - in many ways that can make it easier to...
Emma Sterling
Posted by Emma Sterling, 27 Mar 2017 2017 intake
It’s hard to believe I’m entering my last two weeks of my first placement already. As Policy trainees, we have the shortest first placement of 6 months. Although short, I’d say this placement has been as valuable as any other. I will be having my performance review with my line manager next week and in preparation for that, I’ve been having a good think about the things I will take away from this placement. For one, I’m starting to realise just how vast the NHS is. At the beginning of the pla...
Emma Sterling
Posted by Emma Sterling, 07 Feb 2017 2017 intake
5 months have gone so quickly! I was talking to another policy grad about this yesterday. We reflected on how different we were when we first started. I know in my case, I was so unsure, nervous and frequently had those moments where I’d stop and think to myself, ‘I’m not quite cut out for this’; classic imposter syndrome. Those moments still occur, they’re human, but these last few months have forced me to confront those feelings and throw myself into challenges outside my comfort zone to gr...