How do I apply for the GMTS?

All applications for the GMTS are currently made online via our website. Before you start your application, please use our Match me tool to make sure the scheme is right for you and check that you meet all the entry requirements.

How do I find out about my application’s progress?

As soon as you register with our online system, you’ll receive an email containing details of how to log in and keep up to date with your application. Each time you’re invited to the next stage of the process, you’ll receive your invitation via email and/or text.  Please make sure you opt into our SMS alert service when you start your online application.

We’ll also post regular updates about the scheme on both our Facebook page and Twitter page.

What is the timeline for applications for the March 2020 intake?




12 August 2019

Applications open for the March 2020 intake

You’ll have five calendar days (including weekends) to complete five online tests.

If successful, you’ll be automatically invited for a video interview. You’ll have 10 calendar days to complete your video interview.

We strongly advise that you do not leave the tests or video interview until the last minute.

27 September 2019

Applications close for the March 2020 intake.

4-22 November 2019

GMTS Assessment Centre. You’ll be required to book your date online and attend for one day.

16-20 December 2019

Successful candidates receive offers for a GMTS trainee placement in their region.

December – February

Pre-employment checks for all candidates holding offers.

2 March 2020

Official start date for GMTS March 2020 intake, and welcome event.

What is the timeline for applications to the September 2020 intake?

Applications for the September 2020 intake are expected to open in mid-October 2019.

Please check our social media and this website for details closer to the time.

I am planning annual leave/I’m away during the start dates. What do I do?

Please give us the exact dates of your annual leave/holiday as soon as possible.

We will forward these to the GMTS Onboarding Team and to the Local Leadership Academies (LLA) so these can be considered when planning your placement and initial orientation.

When applying for the GMTS, it’s important to consider your commitment to the educational components as it’s not possible to change these dates or the induction event dates, and both of these are mandatory to attend.

Please avoid booking any annual leave until the education dates have been released as we are unable to move these dates and attendance is mandatory.

When is the start date for March 2020 intake?

The start date for March 2020 intake is Monday 2nd March 2020. If you’re applying to join the scheme in March, you’ll be required to start on this date. We can’t delay GMTS start dates due to induction and academic requirements, so please make sure you carefully consider any required notice periods.

We’ll send offers for the March 2020 entry in December 2019, which gives you time to give notice and start the scheme on 2 March 2020.

If you’re unable to commit to a March 2020 start, you can apply for the September 2020 intake which will open in mid-October 2019.  Please check our social media and this website for details closer to the time for more details.